Thoughts on One Clear Voice

“An extraordinary blend of four great voices. I love their sound, their songs and the way their music makes me feel. A wonderful, uplifting listen!” - Jenny P., South Jordan UT

Thoughts on In Thy Hands

"This is what deeply spiritual LDS music should be." - Greg Hansen, Award Winning Producer/Arranger

"Hearing Tammy sing is like watching a bird fly." - Candy Crockett, Listener.

Thoughts on The Color of Hope

"Robinson has a soft, angelic voice that soars, lifting the spirit and very often touching the heart...the album is a sincere, earnest statement of testimony and feeling." - Eric D. Snider, The Provo Daily Herald

"Listeners of The Color of Hope will be won over by the range of composing and vocal talent Robinson exhibits on this album." - Laurie Williams Sowby, Utah County Journal

"Her many years in the industry have given her a tremendous versatility and ability to write award-winning material." - Greg Hansen, Award Winning Producer/Arranger